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Make a Difference for a Veteran & Their Family Today!

Clear Path’s Family Force group each year is proud to offer a complete Thanksgiving and Christmas meal that is ready to prepare to 250 families at each holiday this season. Your help can make a big impact this holiday season.

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Help us meet our goal of $10,000 by 12/18/21

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Your donation helps in so many ways. The Family Force has four main components

Having Fun Together

Family Force is designed to bring together the families of veterans and SM’s in a fun and useful way, to share stories and concerns and just have a group of understanding individuals at your side. We will have at least 3 events per year geared toward just having fun!

Community Service

Our group is full of dedicated people who have spent a large part of their life giving and serving and want to continue that trend, giving back to Veterans, SM’s and their families in the local area.  We will create boxes of food to feed needy Veterans, SM’s and families.

Fundraising Needs

In order for us to do our community service events we need to raise money. Family Force will organize and execute 3 fundraisers each year, with the proceeds going mostly to the food boxes.

Education for Families

Educating ourselves on the effects of military life on ourselves, our children and the veteran/SM is important. We will host 3 educational opportunities each year, including topics such as Resiliency, PTSD, Healthy living etc.

Donate Now  ♡

Help us feed 500 Military Families this season!

What is Family Force?

The mission of CP4VNE’s Family Force group is to provide caregivers and families of Service Members and Veterans an opportunity to give back to the veteran communities through fellowship, outreach, charity, and education – while providing the chance to connect with others with shared experiences.